Adult, Child, Relationship, and Marital Therapy

Premarital Counseling

The time before marriage is ideal to build upon the friendship, love, and commitment between you and your partner. Premarital counseling provides couples an opportunity to build skills that will strengthen their relationship over the lifetime. Sessions focus on building a shared vision of marriage, as well as developing communication, problem solving, and conflict management skills. Premarital counseling is typically brief (5-7) sessions and can be done prior to the wedding and/or in the early years of marriage.

Relationship/Marital Therapy

Do you find that you and your partner have the same arguments over and over? Are you having trouble communicating with one another? Solving problems together? Do you both feel unappreciated? Are you struggling with parenting your children as a team? Do you feel frustrated with your sex life? Have you encountered trust issues related to sexual or emotional infidelity? Are you wanting to enhance the quality of your relationship?

Couples therapy is a useful and effective way to address each of the issues described above.

Indeed, couples therapy has been shown to improve both relationship functioning and individual well-being (physical, emotional, and psychological health). Come in for marital/relationship therapy, and dive into the chance to improve your marriage with a therapist who specializes in relationship therapy.